VHF Narrowband (P-25 Capable) Compliant Summary Report

All the radios listed on this page meet NTIA VHF Specifications and are extracted from the research data as of this date.
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Report Date: 09 Dec 2022 - 16:45:46

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Make Model Class Compliant P-25 Capable Remarks
Bendix / King (BK) DMH Mobile  Yes Yes  
Bendix / King (BK) DPH Portable  Yes Yes Includes DPH-CMD and DPHX versions; also GPH versions which are upgradeable to P25.
Bendix / King (BK) KNG-P150 Portable  Yes Yes Three versions: P150, P150S and P150CMD with different features. All are compliant. USFS approved.
Bendix / King (BK) KNG2 Portable  Yes Yes JF-12: 09552 AES, DES and DES-XL encryption available.
Datron G25RPV100 Portable  Yes Yes P25 radio
E.F. Johnson 5100 ES Series Portable  Yes Yes Advanced model with additional features over the 5100 model. FIPS-compliant encryption available.
E.F. Johnson 5100 Series Portable  Yes Yes P25 Radio. AES Available. J/F-12: 08062
E.F. Johnson 51SL Series Portable  Yes Yes NOT AES capable
E.F. Johnson 5300 Series Mobile  Yes Yes 5317 is CAP Standard mobile. P25 Compliant. AES Available. J/F-12: 08060
E.F. Johnson 53ES Series Mobile  Yes Yes Advanced model, many additional features over 5300 series. FIPS-compliant encryption available.
E.F. Johnson 53SL Series Mobile  Yes Yes Update to 5300 series, NOT AES capable, not FIPS-certified encryption.
E.F. Johnson VP600 Portable  Yes Yes FIPS 140-2 encryption available.
E.F. Johnson VP900 Portable  Yes Yes Dual Band - 7/800 MHz + VHF. FIPS 140-2 encryption available.
Harris P5100 Portable  Yes Yes J/F-12 #08072
Harris P7100 series Portable  Yes Yes J/F-12 08072. FIPS-compliant encryption available.
Harris TP-9400 Portable  Yes Yes 1000 channels, many options.
Harris XG-100 Portable  Yes Yes J/F-12 #9952. VHF, UHF & 700/800 capable, JITC AES-256 encryption available.
Harris XG-75P Portable  Yes Yes J/F-12 #9974 Numerous options.
Harris XL-200P Portable  Yes Yes SPS-217-49/1 Multiband radio with multiple options.
Icom IC-F7010T/S Portable  Yes Yes 1024 Channels, AES Encryption available.
Icom IC-F7510 Mobile  Yes Yes 1024 Channels, AES encryption available.
Icom IC-F9011T Portable  Yes Yes 512 Channels, FIPS level 1 AES available
Icom IC-F9511 Mobile  Yes Yes Multiple versions, also available remote-mount. P25 CAP compliant. FIPS 140-2 compliant AES encryption available "soon".
Kenwood NX-200 Portable  Yes Yes NXDN digital mode (Nexedge) is not authorized for CAP; P25 does not appear to be available.
Kenwood NX-5200 Portable  Yes Yes Available in P25 and NXDN digital - CAP uses P25! Wideband (for liaison) must be special ordered.
Kenwood NX-5700 Mobile  Yes Yes 1024 channels. NXDN and DMR modes not authorized for CAP.
M/A COM Mastr III . Base  Yes Yes Repeater Station - P25 available! J/F-12: 08074
Midland STM-1050B Mobile  Yes Yes Syn-Tech III. AES is FIPS-certified. Also STM-1055B Remote Mount and STD-1090 base.
Midland STP-105B Portable  Yes Yes 999 channels. AES option is FIPS-compliant.
Motorola APX Series Portable  Yes Yes Encryption-capable. Many features and sub-models, ALL APX-x000 models are NTIA compliant. Check Flashcode for features and capabilities.
Motorola APX Series Mobile  Yes Yes Includes APX 1500, 4500, 6500, 7500. Some models do not have AES encryption available. Check Flashcode for digital and feature capability.
Motorola Astro Saber Portable  Yes Yes P25 capability is optional. J/F-12: 07141
Motorola Astro Spectra Mobile  Yes Yes P25 capability is optional. Some early versions will not do 2.5 kHz channels. J/F-12: 07139
Motorola Quantar Base  Yes Yes Repeater Station. P-25 and AES Available. J/F-12: 08042
Motorola XTL-2500 Mobile  Yes Yes P25 optional.
Motorola XTL-5000 Mobile  Yes Yes P-25 and AES Available.
Motorola XTS-2500 Portable  Yes Yes P25 is optional. J/F-12: 08305
Motorola XTS-3000 Portable  Yes Yes P25 is optional. J/F-12: 07639
Motorola XTS-4000 Portable  Yes Yes Not all models are P25 capable, check Flash code!
Motorola XTS-5000 Portable  Yes Yes P25 and AES Available J/F-12: 08305
Relm DMH Mobile  Yes Yes 400 Channels J/F-12 #09601
Relm DPH Portable  Yes Yes Includes DPH-CMD and DPHX versions J/F-12 #09319
Relm KNG-P150 Portable  Yes Yes J/F-12 #09552
Tait TM-9100 series Mobile  Yes Yes TM9135 and 9155 models. ONLY the 50 watt model is compliant, the 25w and 110w are NOT compliant. 1000 Channels.
Tait TP-9100 series Portable  Yes Yes All models - 9135, 9140, 9166 and 9160. 1000 Channels
Thales/Racal 25 Portable  Yes Yes P25 radio

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