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Equipment Compliance Reports

Please Note: The equipment in these lists have been evaluated by comparing the manufacturer's published specifications with the published requirements of the NTIA in Chapter 5 of the "Manual of Regulations and Procedures for Federal Radio Frequeny Management" (Redbook). While these determinations are considered authoritative for the Civil Air Patrol Communications program, they may or may not meet the requirements of any other Federal Communications program. Users in other programs should consult with their program management before using these lists.

Due to the ever increasing number of radios being added, the equipment compliance reports for VHF-FM and HF have been broken into two main categories, Amateur and Commercial. This distinction is based on the manufacturers design and intended market. If the radio you are looking for is not listed in any of the lists, you can click  "Equipment Information Request"  to submit it for review.

Compliant VHF Narrowband / VHF P-25 / HF Radio Summaries

Compliant Narrowband VHF Radios         Compliant Narrowband VHF (P-25 Capable) Radios         Compliant HF Radios    

Amateur Market Commercial Market
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Note: This information was obtained from many sources, including manufacturer's data sheets, manuals and web pages. As manufacturers commonly change specifications without notice, we would appreciate notification of changes or any updates you may have to these specifications - please click here to send us an email.

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