Radio Specifications to HF Standards Comparison

Radio Specifications
NTIA HF Standards
Manufacturer Motorola
Model MICOM-3 Series
HF Compliant Yes
HF Compliant with Option Yes
Freq Stability 0.6 PPM .67 PPM for +/- 20 Hz.
Freq Stability with Option 0.10 PPM .67 PPM for +/- 20 Hz.
TX Unwanted Emissions 64 dB 43+10LOG(pX)   (For 50W pX = 59.98 dB, 100W pX = 63 dB, 125W pX = 63.9 dB)
Carrier Suppression   40 dB below pX
Remarks Software-defined radio made by Mobat. Includes sub-models: 3F, 3T, 3R, RM125 & RM500. J/F-12: 07446 

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