HF Equipment Compliant Summary Report

All the radios listed on this page meet NTIA HF Specifications and are extracted from the research data as of this date.
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Report Date: 10 Aug 2022 - 09:26:53

Notice:  TCXO or Crystal Oven options may no longer be available for some model radios. It is recommended that you
verify the availability of these options before you consider purchasing or continuing to use a radio requiring the option.

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Make Model Compliant
                    |  w/ Option
Barrett 2050 Yes N/A  
Barrett 4050 Yes Yes SDR driven radio, ALE capable +
Barrett 930 No Yes  
Barrett 950 No Yes  
Codan 2110 No Yes 0.5 ppm option required. 25W Manpack radio
Codan Envoy Yes N/A 125w radio, includes X1 & X2 versions. ALE capable
Codan NGT Yes N/A  
Codan Sentry - H6110-MP Yes N/A Backpack radio - 30watts. ALE capable
Collins HF-80 Yes N/A Separate TX & RX - up to 10 KW!
Furuno FS-1562 Yes N/A Marine Radio
Furuno FS-5000 Yes N/A Marine radio
Harris RF-230 Yes N/A Several Sub-Models.
Harris RF-3200E Yes N/A  
Harris RF-5000 Yes N/A Many options. Tactical-grade radio
Icom IC-F8101 Yes N/A ALE system "compatible with Fed-Std-1045" but not JITC-certified.
Icom IC-M700PRO Yes N/A  
Icom IC-M710 Yes N/A  
Icom IC-M802 Yes N/A Marine Radio Not compliant above 100W output.
Kachina KC-103 Yes N/A  
Kachina KC-105CTX Yes Yes  
Motorola Micom Yes N/A Radio covers 2-18 MHz.
Motorola Micom 1 Yes N/A  
Motorola Micom 100 Yes N/A Radio covers 2-10 MHz.
Motorola Micom Consolette Yes N/A Radio cover 2-18 MHz.
Motorola Micom S Yes N/A Radio covers 2-18 MHz, however some varients that cover 2-30 mHz have been reported
Motorola Micom XF Yes N/A  
Motorola MICOM-2 Series Yes Yes Software-defined radio made by Mobat. Includes sub-models: 2BF, 2BT, 2E, 2ES, 2ET, 2TS, 2RS, 125E & 500E. J/F-12: 07446
Motorola MICOM-3 Series Yes Yes Software-defined radio made by Mobat. Includes sub-models: 3F, 3T, 3R, RM125 & RM500. J/F-12: 07446
Motorola Micom-X Yes N/A TWO MODELS - 2-18 MHZ AND 2-30 MHZ
Motorola MICOM-XL Yes N/A  
Motorola Triton Yes N/A Radio covers 2-18 MHz.
Motorola/Mobat Micom 2 series Yes Yes Software-defined radio. Includes all sub-models: 2BF, 2BT, 2E, 2ES, 2TS, 2 RS, 125E & 500E. J/F-12: 07446
Motorola/Mobat Micom 3 series Yes Yes Software-defined radio. Includes all sub-models: 3F, 3T, 3R, RM125, RM500. J/F-12: 07446
Rhode & Schwartz XK2100L Yes Yes 400 channels
SEA 222 Yes N/A Freq Range 1.6 - 24.9 MHz.
SEA 225/225R Yes N/A  
SEA 235 Yes N/A  
SEA 330 Yes N/A 330 Watt Radio
SEA SE-245D Yes N/A  
SEA SEA-322 Yes N/A Freq range 2 to 25 mHz
SGC SG-2000 Yes N/A  
Sunair GSB-900 No Yes High Stability Option
Transworld TW-100 Yes Yes  
Yaesu FT-817 No Yes Includes FT-817D & FT-817ND, VHF section is NOT Compliant. TCXO-9 Option. Compliant ONLY at 5 watts output or less.

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Note: This information was obtained from many sources, including manufacturer's data sheets, manuals and web pages. As manufacturers commonly change specifications without notice, we would appreciate notification of changes or any updates you may have to these specifications - please click here to send us an email.

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