Radio Specifications to Narrowband Standards Comparison

Radio Specifications
NTIA Narrowband Standards
Manufacturer Motorola
Model XTS-4000
Radio Type Portable
Narrowband Compliant Yes
Freq Stability 2.0 PPM 2.5  PPM
TX Unwanted Emissions 75 dB 50+10LOG(Pz) or 70 dB whichever is less
RX Adjacent Chan Selectivity 48 dB 45  dB
RX Intermod Rejection 73 dB 70  dB
RX Spurious Rejection 75 dB 70  dB
RX Conducted Spurious Emissions - 57 dBm -57  dB
Remarks Not all models are P25 capable, check Flash code! 

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Note: This information was obtained from many sources, including manufacturer's data sheets, manuals and web pages. As manufacturers commonly change specifications without notice, we would appreciate notification of changes or any updates you may have to these specifications - please click here to send us an email.

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